into the mirror

Produzione Megakles Ballet
coreografie: Salvatore Romania e Laura Odierna
progetto musicale: Salvatore Romania
Interpreti: Salvatore Romania, Valeria Ferrante, Claudio Costantino, Magdalena Wójcik, Danilo Smedile
Musicista (live) Carlo Cattano (Flauti e sax)
Cantante (live) Giuseppe Brancato

Rethinking to the self-image. The inwardness can be seen as an inner continent and can be read as an emotional map, however it can also represent a complex metaphor of the modern body, which is the subject and the object of the communication.
This metaphor becomes a proposal to establish new relationships, imposing the need for a radical rethink of ourselves that seems to identify the nature and significance of the assumption of a gender perspective.This path is the result of a awareness of himself as a person, and takes shape on the permeability of her own life, personally and professionally, against any alleged rigor of neutrality, detachment and pseudoscientific, which transmits false idols. This image of neutrality of people and of knowledge does not belong to reality and builds a pedagogy of deception.