“THE VISIBILE CITIES– transmitting emancipation”


Project realized with the support of MIBACT and SIAE in the frame of the “Per chi Crea” initiative


Scenario Pubblico / National Dance Production Centre (Catania), home of Compagnia Zappalà Danza, and FARM Cultural Park (Favara) have always been committed to leveling the artistic gap of the Sicilian Region, trying to actively involve the audience and approach it with different awareness and renewed curiosity about contemporary dance and artistic practices; all this allows not only to give a new cultural life to our territory, but also to be able to reflect on issues that concern us closely, such as the social inclusion of cultural, ethnic and demographic minorities.

On the basis of these observations, the call “The visible cities” is announced, a project for choreographic residences aimed at social inclusion through dance and body languages, connecting urban spaces and suburbs at the same time. The focus is on the movement to include, involve and intrigue different communities.

“Visible Cities”, created with the support of MIBACT and SIAE as part of the “Per chi Crea” initiative, is divided into two parts: the first will take place in the spring of 2020 between Catania and Viagrande with the involvement of the partner Viagrande Studios, the second between June and July 2020 in Favara, in the province of Agrigento.

This call relates to the second part of the project, called “Visible cities – transmitting emancipation“, which will focus on Farm Cultural Park and on the theme of female empowerment. We are looking for 4 women choreographers, resident in Italy and not aged over 35 (including non-Italian nationals) where “artists, performers, authors and performers aged not over 35 ” means persons who have not yet turned 36 on the expiry date of the SIAE Call, i.e. 05/04/2019.

Each of the selected choreographers will have two weeks of residence available for the creation of a 5-minute nanoperformance that will be staged at Scenario Farm, and a public performance of its own choreographic project; the artists will be able to meet the local communities and to deal with with the women of the territory, with whom they will perform the site specific performances. The choreographers will face the creative path involving the female population residing in the province of Agrigento, of all ages and social backgrounds. The choreographers will also be assisted by meetings and tutoring seminars that will focus on the power of emancipation of culture: the final goal of these meetings is ‘acquisition of transversal skills both by the participants and by the territory, with the hope of triggering a domino effect that can be handed down to future generations of independent and emancipated women.

The artists who are able to capture and reflect the dimension of dialogue and exchange between femininity, tradition, modernity and emancipation will be privileged.

Requests must be duly completed and sent by November 30, 2019 and the Artistic Direction will communicate the selection by January 15-2020.

the complete announcement in the attached call ( allegato

The deadline for applications has expired.


14/01/2020: We communicate the 4 projects selected among the 30 applications for the artistic residencies project “THE VISIBLE CITIES – transmitting emancipation”, which will take place between June and July 2020 in Favara (AG):

Beatrice Bresolin
Mariana Cerino Calazans
Giulia Piana
Collettivo Sicilymade: Amalia Borsellino, Marta Greco, Silvia Oteri
22/01/2020: We communicate the 4 projects selected for the artistic residencies project “THE VISIBLE CITIES – metropolitan connections”, which will take place between February and June 2020 in Scenario Pubblico, Viagrande Studios  and FIC festival. The artists have been selected among the n° 120 ACASA applications:
Alessio Di Stefano
Gioia Maria Morisco
Claudia Rossi Valli
Salvo Lombardo/Fattoria Vittadini