Over the last 30 years, we have put great effort into refining the details that now make up my dance and continue to uphold, and indeed reinforce, these to form our unique language that increasingly hinges upon the body and notion of animalism. For this reason, we pursue instinct, in which lies the appearance of imperfection, a founding principle for our creative style and research.
Sight, hearing and smell: three senses in a unique one

Roberto Zappalà


MoDem, acronym of democratic movement, is the language developed by Roberto Zappalà and his company over the last 30 years of creations. It draws for its method on the joint influences of its leading representatives, to investigate the ebbs and flows, controlled movement and articulations and muscles, in day-to-day bodily movements. Joints and bodily parts are isolated then explored in critical analysis, to showcase the infinite possibilities of expressions of the single limbs, that can be investigated, invented and re-invented day by day.

Routes to research our creative style take two forms – professional routes in the form of MoDem PRO and amateur routes in the form of MoDem Amatori to which we give great consideration for audiences to best understand the vision of our productions. Indeed, Zappalà aims for audiences to partake in the company’s world not merely by viewing productions, but also by partaking directly in physical activities in creative workshops.
The classes are held by former and current dancers of the company.
Every year, Roberto Zappalà selects a group of dancers from MoDem Pro to make up a group of young dancers in CZD2 giovane compagnia zappalà danza.