short time

regia, coreografia Simona Bertozzi
music Susumo Yokota
Performers: Marta Amato, Anna Bastone, Konstyantyn Hryhor’yev, Chiara di Guardo, Martina di Prato, Paola Longhitano, Elisabetta Magistri, Damiano Scavo, Alessandro Pennisi

The reference to Prometheus is projected in the vertiginous dimension of the choreografic process: giving oneself to the gesture and to the movement advocating a form of inexhaustible creative vitality. The size of praxis comes to life as dynamic exercises and crossings where the agreement between the body, sound and space, becomes the primary substance and results in motion devices for bodies, souls and anatomies, different by age and origin.
In Prometheus: Architecture – Catania, the prospect of the choreographic framework will be animated by a group of young sicilian dancers, struggling with a “habitat” strictly occupied by their own need to give life to images, projections and actions. Micro environmental narratives in which the testimony drawn by their bodies is a docile and willful growth, in accordance with the rules in which it acts.

concept e direzione Davide Sportelli
performance Carolina Amoretti, Davide Sportelli,? Magdalena Wojcik
collaboration during research Marta Greco, Luigi Luna, Vanessa Cokaric

Furia will investigate the possible or improbable extreme matters related at the combination of opposites: stasis and ecstasy. The rest and the release, the wait and the fire, the support and the transcendence.
What we rely? In such structures, ideas or values, we rely? The couple; the idea of culture; identities and the masks; ephemeral successes; alleged superiorities or strangenesses; a certain reassuring image of the others; an unchangeable view of our own vices and virtues. Maybe. How we access to the state of transformation and ecstasy?
Perhaps due to the motion or the journey; due to the breathing, the singing, the routine; due to the reversal of roles and functions; due to the radical solitude or instead to the rooted sense of belonging to a group.
What is that impetus, what sort of tenacity, what kind of peaceful or deadly fury, that makes it possible to tear the veils and that makes possible the emergence of what envelops us?