Performance | installazione

Performance | installazione

  The "installazione" project started from a reflection on the concepts of "oneself", the "other" and "ourselves" as living spaces of comparison, of mutual gratitude, where the body feeds emotions and synthesizes images in which everyone can recognize oneself. The two choreographers love dealing with the inexpressible power of evocation of the body language. That is why the features of "installazione" are very careful, exacting, but also burning, with a manipulated body thrown on the floor, caressed, lived in every detail, never meaningless, evocative and emotional.
Throughout the darkness of the non-conscience
I am
The other one shared
The unreal world
Differences of identity
Inability to commmunicate
Coreografia e regia Salvatore Romania e Laura Odierna
Musiche David Lang; Evan Ziporyn; Annie Cosfield
Interpreti Valeria Ferrante, Adriano Coletta, Fernando Roldan Ferrer, Salvatore Romania.
Disegno luci Salvatore Romania
Oggetti di scena S.Romania
Una produzione Petranura Danza – Balletto di Sicilia in coproduzione con Scenario Pubblico e uva grapes Catania contemporary dance festival