Cartographies n°1, n°2, n°3

cartographie 1:  For the producer Kamal Musale, the dance film tries to stop the movement, takes it away from its normal dynamics to confer a new meaning. The focus is this meaning, the idea of dance where elements which are detached from each other join in a unique invisible logic. Only by looking through the dancers’ eyes it is possible to have a total understanding of the event.
cartographie 2: Philippe Saire acts as a choreographer and as a cinematographer by lengthening the choreographic creation. He faces dance trough images, leaving out choreography. The video focuses on a precise part of the body and brings an intimacy, an action which is impossible to take on stage. It shows some weak, dancing, sensitive, urban bodies which are ready to undergo the temporary passage of people.
cartographie 3: For his short, Pierre-Yves Borgeaud uses the video surveillance of Lausanne. He gives a poetical reading and replaces the urban traffic by people and bodies. In an underground stop some dancers makes an artistic hold-up. Between dance-video and thriller this movie is scheming, curious, interrogative, and maybe also political.