compagnia zappalà danza in residence at the Fondazione Nazionale della Danza/Aterballetto (Reggio E

compagnia zappalà danza in residence at the Fondazione Nazionale della Danza/Aterballetto (Reggio E
On Monday 15 April the first choreographic residence experience started for the Fondazione Nazionale della Danza (Reggio Emilia, Italy). Almost 3 weeks of residence for compagnia zappalà danza with an articulated program of meetings, masterclasses and performances.
20 and 21 April in program the masterclass MoDem a Domicilio with Roberto Zappalà, and the workshop will deal with the text Corpo Etico, written by the same choreographer.
Roberto Zappalà will meet the audience during the ATB Corner of 23 April while the meeting of 18 April was reserved to the teachers of the Schools and nursery schools of Reggio Emilia involved in the project protocollo d’intesa Tavolo 06.
This residence experience will climax with 2 performances, both at the "Fonderia": 28 April on the occasion of the International Dance Day the company will perform“sud-virus/REMAKE” during an evening shared with Aterballetto, and 2nd May Anticorpi: preludio per il nuovo Sudvirus (Antibodies: prelude for the new Sudvirus), partly created in Reggio Emilia. Both performances represent the genesis of a choregraphy in continuous development:starting from sud-virus, a choreography created by Roberto Zappalà in 2011 and commissioned by the Goteborg Ballet, through these different steps the choreographer will gradually re-work and extend the concept of the original creation, leading to a new choreographic work, Sudvirus (il piacere di sentirsi terroni/the pleasure of feeling "terroni"* [Derogative term for Southerner]),with world première on 3rd August in Civitanova Marche (Italy) for the International Festival Civitanova Danza.
Even though the privilege to run his own artistic home Scenario Pubblico, for Roberto Zappalà the residence project in Reggio Emilia has been conceived from the necessity to implement his idea of residence.
 The artist who transfers in another place in order to create with his own company but at the same time articulating the activity during the residency with a wide involvement of the audience. The public has thus the opportunity to be acquainted with the artist and the details of his work, and to deepen the judgement, which is often related to a simply sight of the performance, therefore superficial regarding the poetics and the vision of the artist