The main topic of the work carried out with the dancers is the idea of the memory, memory inborn in our body spaces, in the parts which preserve recollections of events, situations, emotions. We can find these memories, we can touch, open, look, sometimes we can live them again. They move and make us move, or they stop or even immobilize us; they talk about something painful and funny, pleasant and sometimes embarrassing…. From these suggestions the choreographers develop a movement research which is sometimes "abstractive" sometimes more theatrical and gestural, and they can even use the voice.
coreografia Giannalberto De Filippis e Michal Mualem
Interpreti : Claudia Bertuccelli, Carlotta Bruni, Vanessa Caniglia, Marta Carpaccioli, Arianna Cianchi, Giuliana Cocuzza, Adriano Coletta, Rosa Colucci Cante, Melissa Cosseta, Silvia Donzella, Valeria Famularo, Giulia Frattini, Marta Labella, Rosa Merlino, Fernando Roldan Ferrer, Taneli Torma, Sanne Wutzke.
musiche Noir Desìre, Nicholas Lens, J.M.Zelwer, Avi Belleli, Tom Waits
una coproduzione compagnia zappalà danza e Scenario Pubblico