The different components of the present western society drift apart more and more, in consequence the contrasts among them are coming even clearer to light. After researching and analyzing such contrasts our project aims to transport them onto a stage situation. Several action grounds, which contiuosly change and have to be defined new, build the platforms where the performers spontanousely react to new facts and figures suggested by a story-line or by interacting with the public. An estetic-emotional-political action take place, supported by sharp contrasts in sounds, music, movements, costumes and lights: establishment against outsider, avantgarde against tradition, classic against pop.
Coreography/Scenes/Costumes Massimo Gerardi
Drammaturgy/Management Achim Conrad
Music/Live Piano Thomas Wansing
Dancers Lisa Gropp, Francesca Peniguel, Mircea Ghinea, Robert Goodby
Lights Michael Sandmeier