Laccioland was born in 2012.
It’s a new experiment of analysis and creative development of urban dance.
The starting point is the technical pureness of hip-hop dance, but the destination has changed: we look for and find a new language shaped on Laccio’s material experience.
That’s why we call it “Laccioland Company”: now more than ever the language of the choreographer himself is being shown.
Laccioland is a new message that takes place in the trial of urban techniques and in its colors and movement contamination.
The company is autoproduced and composed of several young people: Laccio, Shake and some Modulo Factory students. Through the Academy these young people could meet and learn this new language made up of technique, street, destruction and creation.

Laccioland Company starts off with the show CRE/AZIONE in Catania at Scenario Pubblico on the 5th and 6th January 2013.