Workshop con Giovanna Velardi – Uva Grapes 2016

class from 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm
The project that I want to develop is on "the articulated heart ".
My idea is to work on a language based on the exploration of the center of the body in relation to the ends. A stable center that is also active. Polarity that wants to explore the space around the stable center of the body, the dynamic and the center of the body, weight and the body center, time and body center. Center and energy, posture in motion, in relation with the character.
Giovanna Velardi is artistic director of the Company Giovanna Velardi and president of FC@PIN.D'OC, an association financed by Mibact and Regione Sicily, that supports the her choreographic work as well as Giuseppe Muscarello’s, Paola Bianchi, Fabio Ciccalè, Stellario Di Blasi and Simona Miraglia. With her art direction, Giovanna Velardi develops projects related todance in Italy and in Europe and beyond the choreographic reation, she realizes projects dedicated to the diffusion and promotion of dance and works as dance teacher. Giovanna studies in Italy and France, and has worked with some of the choreographers of the French Nouvelle Danse as Genevieve Sorin. France develops her tendency to work on improvisation and she founded her own company in Marseilles collaborating with musicians and composers.