Verso / the intervention of loneliness

Verso – Audrey Bergeron ∆
Dancers: Jessica Serli, Kim Henry, Merryn Kritzinger
Par le chas de l’aiguille is an hour­long work that will be presented as part of the 2015­16 season of Danse­Cité (Montreal).
Verso is the result of a new choreographic research developed during a month-long residency at Scenario Pubblico. My most recent choreography, Through the eye of the needle (January 2016), explored different processes relating to the video camera and film editing. Following this project, the effect of "rewind" appeared to me a field of exploration in itself.
In this new creation process, I wanted to see in detail how this effect would alter the movement and intervene in the concept of time. This starting point has led us, my three accomplices and me, to the discovery of a distorted, “remote-controlled” body in constant
transformation. In a surreal and absurd universe, vacillating between elegance and grotesque, past and future, four women embark on a journey. Together they construct and deconstruct the choreographic phrases: sometimes narrative, sometimes abstract. What are these forces of attraction that carry them to move as such? In a precise yet uncertain world, they eminate ambiguity.
Audrey Bergeron is a graduate from the École de danse contemporaine de Montréal. She performed in Loops by Ismaël Mouaraki from the dance company Destins Croisés, as well as in Vieux Thomas et la petite fée and L’Atelier by Hélène Langevin from Bouge de là. She was part of the cast of Jabbarnack, La couleur du gris and Rue Fable, three Omnibus productions. In 2013 she joined the world renowed company O Vertigo and performed in the original creations of Khaos, Les petites formes, La vie qui bat and Soif. As a choreographer, among other projects, she has created works for Tangente’s Danses Buissonnières series, Festival Quartiers Danses, Zone Homa and Bouge d’ici. In addition, she has created several dance videos that have been screened in many international festivals. Her next choreography, By the eye of the needle (60 minutes), will be presented by Danse-Cité in 2016 in Montreal.
the intervention of loneliness – Ming Poon ∆
coreography: Ming Poon
Production: Megakles Ballet | Petranura Danza
Thanks to Meri Verruso e Gaia Centamore
 The idea for this work evolved out of my current project called ‘Dance with me’.
Like ‘Dance with me’, this project takes its starting point from my own search for physical closeness and intimacy. It is my way of dealing with the disconnectedness, loneliness and helplessness in the
complex world we live in today. It is also a protest against the poverty of physical connectedness and empathy that is endemic of our times. I want to use dance as a tool to connect with and to embrace
an ‘other’ body.
Ming Poon is movement performer/artist, who currently lives in Berlin. His projects often deal with human connectedness. He believes that to move is to relate and strives to make projects that bring out the relatedness between people through movement. The body is the primary medium he uses to engage with his environment and the public. While some of his projects involve dancing, others do not. His idea of dance is one in which there are no dancers, only bodies in a constant process of relating as they reach out, converge, meet and separate.