Roberto Zappalà. Odisseo: il naufragio dell’accoglienza

Edited by Epos Palermo, the publication follows “Agata. Semu tutti devoti tutti?" part of the series “re-mapping Sicily”, a collaboration between the publisher and Compagnia zappalà danza.
The book collects several contributions to Roberto Zappalà’s piece “Odisseo. il naufragio dell’accoglienza"; taking his artistic creation as the starting point, each contribution tackles the theme of migration and welcoming.
The book consists of an introduction by Enzo Bianco and contributions by Nello Calabrò, Roberto Zappalà, critic Roberto Giambrone and ethnologist Filippo Furri; a “travel journal” describing the genesis and development of the piece and including post-show considerations by Calabrò and Zappalà.
The book will be launched as part of a public encounter called “Emigrazione e Accoglienza. Dalla danza alla società: una sfida per il tempo presente” (“Migration and welcoming. From dance to society: today’s challenge”), which will be held on Saturday 14th January, 5pm at Scenario Pubblico. As well as the authors Zappalà, Calabrò, Bianco, Furri and Giambrone (as moderator), sociologist Guido Nicolosi will also attend.