Augusto Jaramillo Pineda commits himself to the changing figure of the mystic rebel. In his play, he opens step by step different spaces of detection of vague ominous atmosphere, dances the sensuality of Satan, discovers the secret of the angel, gives to the wrath of the devil an actual shape and the curiosity of the visionary eventful pictures. Stitch by stitch he weaves out of gestures, sounds, words and light an eerie atmosphere of compressed physical energy, which can shatter into a sudden fright, anytime: Luzbel is omnipresent and unpredictable, in dance as well as in man.
"Listen to me," said the Demon as he placed his hand upon my head. "The region I am talking about is a dreary region […]. And there is no quiet there, no silence." ("Silence: A Fable", 1837 by Edgar A. Poe )
Coreografia Augusto Jaramillo Pineda
Voce e musica Heiko Senst;collage con estratti di musiche religiose
Interpreti Augusto Jaramillo Pineda
Disegno luci Malte Burghard
Costumi Diana Cortés-Navoa
Una produzione steptext dance project