la pelle del popolo nudo

  In "La pelle del popolo nudo" flavors of the present and the past live harmoniously together. Quick rhythms supported by the voice, the expressivity and the bodies on stage recall the past of a population who having survived the World War claim its own independency. It is the story of a little underground army struggling against the Italian government. This army, called Avis, allowed Sicily to obtain its autonomy and made the population free from persecutions and oppressions. It is a "naked" population who brings the signs of the past but always risks to be bitten and torn.
Coreografia e regia Loris Petrillo
Musiche Elaborazione musicale Loris Petrillo e musica tradizionale
Interpreti Massimiliano Burini, Rosanna Cannito, Rosa Merlino, Giuseppe Muscarello, Loris Petrillo.
Disegno luci Loris Petrillo
Testi Massimiliano Burini
Una produzione Loris Petrillo Danza – MDA Produzioni Danza in coproduzione con Scenario Pubblico e uva grapes catania contemporary dance festival