Coreografo: Alain El Sakhawi
Performers: Valeria Zampardi&Fernando Roldan Ferrer

In a society governed by capital our boredom is such that it eventually becomes a new solvent market, a prospect of growth. Thus, and especially in large metropolises, capital creates the immediate but chimerical remedy for the disease which it has itself engendered by the disenchantment of the world, its submission to the economy, the disintegration of natural solidarities, the fierce competition and the solitude that accompanies it. A man and a woman, irreconcilable ying and yang prisoners in the vortex of the « fall of man », only escape from a reality from which one can no longer grab. During their journey, the protagonists will discover the same emotions and realities as in real life, those behind which they sigh, but also those they seek to avoid: solidarity, group strategy, common purpose, friendship, love maybe, but also treason, will to domination, designation of a scapegoat, perversion. And at the very end, the void…

“We no longer wait for the Barbarians”: Allegory on the myth of the original sin of Adam and Eve transposed to the contemporary world. In the poem of Constantine Cavafy (1863-1933) « En attendant les barbares »(« While waiting for the barbarians »), the Romans expect to be freed from their downfall by the invasion of the barbarians who would revive their civilization. Christian civilization does not have to wait for the barbarians, they are already in it. Now became a technician, machinist and transhumanist society, without spirituality and without God, it had “freed” itself from within. It have been offered a glimpse to Adam and Eve of what awaits the descendants of Abraham…