I feel funny today

  "I feel funny today" takes place in a room and explores the relationship between man and woman. Darkly comic games harsh miscommunication, while the couple tries to hold on until the "perfect moment". The interaction of the couple gives origin to extreme states of mind so that there is no clear distinction between game and reality. "i feel funny today" was awarded the Bessie Prize 2002 for the choreography.
This work was originally presented by the "Curtain Up 2000" with funding from the Yoshua Rabinovitch Foundation.
coreografia Yasmeen Godder
musiche Haino Keiji
interpreti Eran Shanny, Ilaya Shalit
disegno luci Jackie Shemesh
costumi Yasmeen Godder, Dalia Lieder
fotografia Tamar Lamm
Yasmeen Godder è sostenuta dall’ Associazione dei coreografi e dal Ministero della Scienza, Cultura e Sport, Dipartimento Danza.