I am my mother

Concept and dancer – Giuseppe Muscarello


“My mother’s remember is with me, I keep it on my heart: strong, intense, nice. She is
absence to me. Thanks to absence I could remember what I never lived. How many
tales she (did not) read to me. I still (don’t) remember our time together, a time that
was every time, a tale that’s was every tale. Because of her absence I became the tale,
I became the lullaby, I Am My Mother. The most important son,the only son, that’s
me! All my mother’s attention was for me, I was dancing and the voice of my mother
was the only music for my dance”.
Fluency of dance is able to bring the dual role of mother and son together in the
same body.

“I Am My Mother” is also a photo exhibition:7 pictures of a son thinking of his past,

thinking of his mother, great absence and constant presence.