Enter Lady Macbeth

regia e coreografie Simona Bucci
musiche Paki Zennaro
tecnico Gabriele Termine
danzatrici Sara Orselli, Eleonora Chiochini, Francoise Parlanti, Isabella Giustina, Frida Vannini
produzione compagnia Ass. Cult. Compagnia Simona Bucci

Once again, the underlying theme is the exploration of the condition of man and his nature, particularly, here, in terms of the problematic and exercise of power. The sense of Shakespear’s tragedy is the transition from a fatal and magic sphere to the psychological and human. Like the witches, Lady Macbeth becomes a creature of the night and her identification with those beings, who seem the very breath of earth and air, incarnated in her own physical feminine presence, underscores the progressive transition from the metaphysical to the human. The nature explored here, embodies the creative and destructive nucleus of the passage of the events, the force which incites, transforms, exalts, condemns and arms, along a tragic path made of promises, potential, ambition, fear, guilt, blame, punishment and madness; all emerging from the wild ebb and flow of human conscience.

Yet do I fear thy nature:
It is too full o’the milk of human kindness
To catch the nearest way. Thou wouldst be great,
Art not without ambition, but without
The illness should attend it. What thou wouldst high
That wouldst thou wouldst…
Hie thee hither
That I may pour my spirits in thine ear,
And chastise with the valour of my tongue
All that impedes thee from the golden round…