Crepuscolo, Preludio per un Primo Movimento

Choreography & dance: Giovanni Scarcella
Artistic advice: Olga Alvarez/company La Taimada
Musician: Ruben Falkowicz, plays Johann Sebastian Bach “Chaconne”
Production: Pororoca project
Co-production: Scenario Pubblico – International Choreographic Centre Sicily
Giovanni Scarcella is accompanied by Grand Studio
It is not a body that shuns the world and its evoked dusk, but a body still in crisis that reflects the complexity of a contemporary world which is also in crisis. I would like to dance this twilight body going over the tracks, shadows and suspensions that still tend to groped forward as a final motion of redemption. In the silence of his loneliness and solitude of an empty landscape that surrounds it and that continues to transform, dance meets the Chaconne by Johann
Sebastian Bach notes that powerful bursts into silence, creating an imbalance in time and space. An initiatory journey of a body suspended between memory and his memories and the emergence of new visions and impulses. Crepuscolo, preludio per un primo movimento, is a project where the body and the music duet together; where physical presence and dance movement respond to the explosive pace of the musical virtuosity of J.S. Bach, all as an act re-generator; the music played live and the contemporary choreography, will seek to draw together a geography that includes the body and the sound space; a geography that reflects the continuing investigation of the choreographer, Giovanni Scarcella on the human being as a reflection and result of impulses generated by his daily life.