The selected artists – ACASA Call for Proposals 24/25


it is with pleasure that I share with you the outcome of the selection process for the ACASA 24/25 Call for Proposals, a process that proved to be particularly challenging, both due to the considerable number of applications, as many as 165, and to the high quality of the projects of the participating companies/artists.

We believe that this year’s large number of applications is the result of our conscious choice to focus on applicants over the age of 30. We interpret the success of this preference as the sector’s need to guarantee visibility to all those who, after a more or less long journey as dancers, aspire to pursue a career as authors/authors when the time comes.

Due to the genuine difficulties encountered in the selection process, we have chosen to expand the number of those selected to 8, as opposed to the 6 initially envisaged in the call for entries. Here are the names of the companies/artists who will have the opportunity to participate:

  • Antonino Ceresia /Cie.Essevesse (IT/FR)
  • Lunella Cherchi (IT)
  • Nicola Simone Cisternino (IT)
  • Andrea Costanzo Martini (IT/IL)
  • Carlo Diego Massari /C&C Company (IT)
  • Sofia Nappi /Komoco (IT)
  • Ilenja Rossi /Compagnia GDO|UDA (IT)
  • Emma Zani /Yoy Performing Arts (IT)

I express my gratitude to all those who participated in the selection process, with the certainty that they will find other opportunities where they can deepen and discuss their creative work. I sincerely hope to have further opportunities to meet with each of you.

With affection, I wish you a prosperous New Year and good luck for your future projects.

Roberto Zappalà