year 2021 duration 20'

choreography Alessio Distefano

dancers Corinne Cilia, Anna Forzutti, Gaia Occhipinti, Silvia Rossi, Joel Walsham

a production by Scenario Pubblico Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza

a project realized with the support of MIC Ministero della Cultura and of SIAE, in the frame of the program “Per Chi Crea”


“FORTE” is a mirroring story that reflects a society committed to a path that leaves no room for individuality.

It is a journey that investigates the inner strength within each of us, that allows us to react and overcome the adversities of life.

The dancers are imprisoned by a systematic vortex, forced to always follow the same path, depriving themselves of joy and love in an apparently infinite loop.

This cold and inexpressive chain is destined to break, shattering a habit, as well as their bodies, thanks to the notes of Beethoven’s piano concerto, N ° 5 In E FlatMajor, Op.73 Adagio un poco mosso – their direction will be diverted towards a new awakening, pushing them to discover their own individuality.