year 2019 duration 60'
Choreography Silvia Oteri | Esternal eye Marta Greco 
Dancers CZD2: Carmine Caruso, Daniel Conant, Amandine Lamouroux, Gaia Occhipinti | Music lumi
A production Scenario Pubblico/Compagnia Zappalà Danza in collaboration with AME Associazione Musicale Etnea
A butterfly with an emblematic appearance, it stimulates the fantasies of man from its very first appearance, bringing to the consciousness of each one the hidden sensations of unknown and fear. If the butterfly embodies the mystery of metamorphosis, change is the natural spiritual evolution of beings. But what dies and abandons its earthly body rises to new life, moths like every butterfly goes beyond states, like every man goes through phases of its existence. An interweaving of references, Acherontia as acheronte bitter river of the ade, descendant of the souls in the underworld and Atropos as Atropo (from the Greek ἄτροπος “inexorable, immutable” but also α -τροπή “with no way out”) name of the most feared of the three parking lots, they thus established the death of men through the metaphor of life seen as the “thread” of life. Their decisions were immutable because they were the fruit of Destiny. Today man has well passed the ancient myths to know what awaits him in his near future, but he helps himself through less fatal figures such as reading the daily horoscope or with small tricks to get the right answer in front of an indecision. Chance and destiny, the butterfly effect theory, horoscope and fortune tellers, change and evolution, are the basic themes for this little work. Everything is determined by forces on which we have no control. It is valid for the insect as for the stars. Being human, plant or cosmic dust, we all dance to the rhythm of a mysterious music, played in the distance by an invisible piper (Albert Einstein).