LA GIARA (the jar)

year 2019 duration 40'

5° step from the project re-mapping Sicily


12 June 2019 – encore performances 13/14/15/16/18/19/21/22 June ‘19

Regio Opera Theatre of Turin


freely inspired by the homonymous novel by Luigi  Pirandello

Music by Alfredo Casella
Direction, choreography and set design Roberto Zappalà

Dramaturgy Nello Calabrò
Costumes Veronica Cornacchini e Roberto Zappalà
Orchestra and tenor of the Regio Theatre of Turin 
Conductor Andrea Battistoni

Dancers Compagnia Zappalà DanzaAdriano Coletta, Filippo Domini, Ruben Garcia Arabit, Alberto Gnola, Marco Mantovani, Gaetano Montecasino, David Pallant, Dario Rigaglia, Junghwi Park, Adriano Popolo Rubbio, Erik Zarcone 

New staging Scenario Pubblico CZD – Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza
in collaboration with  Regio Theatre of Turin
with the support of MIBACT and Regione Siciliana Ass.to del Turismo, dello Sport e dello Spettacolo

photos Andrea Macchia


The jar is paradox: inside, we are all imprisoned, but at the same time it is the place where we feel protected and sheltered. It is the privileged “place” of observation, where the vision of the world is paradoxically unlimited, but more correct and “precise”, free of any preconception of the everyday vision. To observe and see the world without impurities, as if it were the first time, it is necessary to observe it from a new point of view. (Zi’ Dima: “Turn it around (the jar) until I can look the moon in the eyes. […] How beautiful, this moon. It feels like a century since I last saw her.”)
Just in specific conditions it is possible to truly see it, and, in order to do so, a point of view, a different angulation is necessary.
The gut is then a prison, not only an accepted prison, but also one which one does not ever want to get out from; as if only inside the jar-prison it is possible to reach happiness. The oil jar is for Zi’ Dima what the Charterhouse of Parma is for Fabrice del Dongo.
The gut is directly connected to the mouth and the jar is the mouth of the volcano. The Etna is at the same time the dispenser of death and destruction, and the loving mother that prepares the soil for the future cultivations.
The oil jar is definitely like the stage in Macbeth’s monologue, where on the inside we all live in our contradictions.

La Giara is a creation by Roberto Zappalà, commissioned by the Teatro Regio di Turin. Creation freely inspired by the homonymous novel by Luigi Pirandello, the show features eleven male performers, on the music by Alfredo Casella and at its première at the Teatro Regio it has been proposed in an evening shared with the opera Cavalleria Rusticana

“Magnificent magma” Stefano Tomassini, Artribune

“Captivating show that knows how to attract and excite” Renzo Bellardone, Operaworld

“In the end, a dense rain of olives adds materiality and clarity to the body narration of the choreographer Zappalà, here in great shape as his dancers recruited around Europe.” Chiara Castellazzi, Corriere Torino

“Zappalà avoids folklore, linear narration, the didactic gesture. His contemporary sign is all about making Alfredo Casella’s music visible in the precision of rhythms and accents” Giuseppe Distefano, Exibart

“Compagnia Zappalà Danza has given a compelling realization, eleven dancers that in the gorgeous costumes of Veronica Cornacchini and of the same Zappalà exalt the strength of an unstoppable and tight movement” Giorgio Pestelli, La Stampa