7th uva grapes Catania contemporary festival

7th uva grapes Catania contemporary festival
7th uva grapes
Catania contemporary festival * dance
21 august – 3 september 2010
Scenario Pubblico performing arts, centre located in Catania, a space thoroughly dedicated to the contemporary dance, once again this year will not miss its summer appointment with “uva grapes Catania contemporary festival”, in August 2010 at its 7th edition.This year the festival will be divided into two sections:music and dance, and the musical events will be curated by AME Associazione Musicale Etnea.
As regards dance, in occasion of the 20th anniversary of compagnia zappalà danza, the 7th Uva grapes edition will offer a focus on the company, its work and its latest projects. “Instruments”, in particular, with its three different creations right now, will be also proposed and analyzed. So the guest teachers, all dancers working with the company, will study, together with the participants, the process of creation of the works they themselves danced. Therefore the participants will be given the opportunity to enter the choreographic language of Roberto Zappalà, through the specific behaviours and styles of the different dancers: Daniela Bendini for “Instrument 3”, Michal Mualem for “Instrument 2” and Salvo Romania for “Instrument 1”. Moreover, Anna Bussey and Paola Valenti, with the technique classes, will introduce the dancers to the vocabulary of compagnia zappalà danza.
In the meanwhile Roberto Zappalà, with his workshop “il naufragio del corpo” will continue the path of exploration of body details through the wreck theme, as a methaphor of life, and through his dance, always protagonist both during the creation process and on the stage.
The festival will give space to the performance moment, the compagnia zappalà danza will present instrument 1 <scoprire l’invisibile>, for 7 dancers and Jew’s harps, and will stage the first phase of search on the new creation “Odisseo”, entitled pre- testo 1 : naufragio, for two dancers and piano, that will be shown first night during uva grapes.
The festival will also give space to the compagnia zappalà danza dancers as authors, by producing some of their shortimes deliberately created for uva grapes: Daniela Bendini with “Tempi d’attesa”, Michal Mualem with “Momentary” and Salvo Romania with “Ceusa”. The focus will end with the presentation of the interactive video-installation “MindBox” edited and realized by Christian Graupner (Humatic, Berlin) with the collaboration of Roberto Zappalà, recently presented at the Dresden Cynetart festival in November 2009.
The festival will benefit from some spaces in the town centre of Catania: Scenario Pubblico for the performances, as well as the suggestive atmosphere of Cortile Vaccarini in Convitto Cutelli.