MoDem language

MoDem language

workshop hold by Compagnia Zappalà Danza’s dancers


MODEM is the choreographic language developed by Roberto Zappalà for Compagnia Zappalà Danza. The concept behind the workshop is contained in “Omnia Corpora”, essay written by the choreographer himself with considerations and thoughts concerning his approach to choreography and gathering notes and principles on the construction of his creations.

The most physical part of the laboratory, held by Roberto Zappalà, consists in empowering both body and mind through a powerful and muscular work. The choreographer’s language is based on simple criteria: the connection to the flux, and to harmonies that the body develops thanks to a methodology hinged upon group interaction and contamination.

Joints and body sections are selected and stimulated through a process aimed at exploring the countless possibilities possessed by the limbs in order to investigate, reimagine, and multiply body’s inner potential.

The visceral body is a key element in Zappalà’s work, just like instinct that identifies an apparent imperfection. Instinct and imperfection, together, are an added values to movement in the choreographer’s vocabulary.


Technical needs:

Wide room without pillars, possibly with vinyl floor. Sound system with iPod and computer plugs.

Classes of three hours per day.

for information info@compagniazappala.it