Minor Dancer – a project by ArtEZ Dansacademie Arnhem and Roberto Zappalà

Roberto Zappalà, supported by his instrument “atelier a domicilio”, starting from 14 November is in residence at the ArtEZ Dansacademie, in Arnhem in the Netherlands, in order to work with the students from the Minor Dancer programme. These students are in the third year of their studies and before working directly with the choreograher, they have attended theoretical lectures and have studies and analyzed his work. The intention is to provide the students with a theoretical framework, so they do not just focus on technique and repertoire, but also learn to reflect on dance and their position as a dancer in the contemporary field. They will experience Roberto’s approach to movement and choreography by attending rehearsals of his company, watching a performance and by working with him in the studio.
This varied programme allows them to experience the way Roberto approaches movement and choreography and introduces them to his philosophy on dance and the repertoire of the company.
The work will be developed within one month until 16 December 2011 and together with the choreographer will participate to the project Roberto’s assistants and dancers of the same company Fernando Roldan Ferrer, Roberto Provenzano, Salvatore Romania and Paola Valenti and of course compagnia zappalà danza which ArtEZ has given a residence for a period in November.