Ilenia Romano (I)

Ilenia Romano attends the National Dance Accademy in Rome, where she graduated in contemporary dance and in choreographic composition (both with highest honours). She continues her studies in Catania, at MoDem Studio Atelier of the Compagnia Zappalà Danza. Her educational path in dance extends from classical ballet (Ekaterina Danuta, Zarko Prebil, Clarissa Mucci, Roy Brian Poer) to the contemporary dance (Cristiana Morganti, Francesca Harper, Claudia Castellucci, Loic Touzé, Jonathan Burrows, Giovanna Velardi, Pierre Droulers, Ismael Ivo, Enrica Palmieri, Elsa Piperno, Giovanni Scarcella, Giannalberto De Filippis, Michael Mualem, Carolyn Carlson). She dances for different choreographers and dance Companies in the international scene, including: “La Compagnia” of the National Academy of dance (choreographies by Pina Bausch, Ismael Ivo, Jacopo Godani, Robyn Orlin, Wayne McGregor), Les gens d’Uterpan (Annie Vieger & Frank Upertet), Micha Van Hoecke, Compagnia Zappalà Danza (with whom she collaborates as dancer and assistant choreographer), ALDES Roberto Castello, Adriana Borriello.Since 2013 she has been teaching contemporary technique, improvvisation/composition, and repertoire/Modem language in the course of Compagnia Zappalà Danza “Modem”. Since 2011 she also leads movement creative laboratory for professionals and amateurs. Her authorial path as choreographer officially starts in 2015, when she becomes associated artist to Scenario Pubblico/CZD National Choreographic Centre with the creation of OneWomanClichéShow(winner performance of L’Italia dei Visionari 2016). In 2016 she approaches the site-specific performance with 1+1 in 3X3. Istantanee d’agosto that debuts at Farm Cultural Park (Favara). Always in 2016 she creates, together with the dramaturg and actor Ivano La Rosa, a dance-theatre show for young and adult people Il Carnevale degli animali, Parata danzante di vizi e virtù (on Charles Camille Saint-Saëns music, Co-Production Scenario Pubblico/CZD). She also has collaborations with renowned musicians as Alfio Antico, Puccio Castrogiovanni, Luca Recupero, Caféaman, in the occasion of performances esclusively created for their repertory.