Workshop | laboratorio

  He is considered one of the historical founders of Italian dance-theatre; with Antonella Bertoni has created Abbondanza/Bertoni company one of the most important and productive Italian dance company. He teaches at Teatro Giorgio Streheler directed by Luca Ronconi. (Piccolo Teatro di Milano) and holds several workshops in Italy (Accademia del Teatro alla Scala, Accademia di Arte Drammatica N. Pepe di Udine) and abroad (Union des artistes – Quebec, Corona la Balance, Copenhagen).
The stage being: neutral action
Presentation: stage action as disposition and offer.
Improvisation: from intuition to execution.
Thinking through the body. Listening.
Composition: from execution, via memory, to creation.
Epilogue: Kin Hin (the thief’s footstep). The study of mobility.