Workshop con Salvatore Romania – Uva Grapes 2016

class from 10 am from 12 pm
Salvatore Romania offers a versatile, original choreographic language, cleansed of any affectation, supported by years of study and research on the possible origins and
development of movement, preparing the dancers for a stronger awareness of their own bodies, through a solid lesson of contemporary dance technique and a laboratory
in which the body is “text” and in the same body there is also the “context”, to be explored through musicality and the dynamism of the body.
Salvatore Romania
Choreographer of Compagnia Petranuradanza (recognized by Mibac), he gives lessons and holds workshops in Italy and abroad, collaborating with the main exponents in the field of international dance. He has danced in various international shows and festivals in Italy, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, Cyprus, Slovakia, Mexico, Lithuania, Holland (Festival Tanec Praha; Gdanski Festival Tanca.pl; Mittelfest; The Myth Circuit: Festival internacional de Danza Lila Lòpez etc). He has danced as a soloist with Diana Ferrara’s company Astra Roma Ballet (choreography by Loris Petrillo, Paolo Mohovic, Marcia Plein) and since 2006 he has collaborated as a dancer with Compagnia Zappalà Danza, in various productions. In 2011 he founded “Compagnia Petranuradanza”, together with choreographer Laura Odierna. Socially engaged in the diffusion of contemporary dance, the two choreographers love dealing with the unspeakable evocative power of the body language. This is the reason why their work is accurate, demanding, but also passionate; the body is manipulated, thrown on the floor, caressed, lived in every detail, never distant from a scenographic context of evocative importance and emotional impact. At the moment Salvatore Romania is the art director of a cultural centre devoted to the divulgation of contemporary dance. The centre is at “Auditorium Leonardo”, in Carlentini, where various art shows and events take place. He is now working at Compagnia Petranuradanza’s 2016 new creations.