Workshop con Giovanni Scarcella – Uva Grapes 2016

class from 3 pm to 5 pm
My body is a private dance
In the first part we will work together in the preparation of the body by stimulating the energy and dynamic aspect of the movement, focusing on the presence, perception and breath and in the observation of what happens to the body out of balance.
We will try to open a contact with our physical capabilities, training the flexibility, the strength, the right intention and increasing attention to the body that traces dynamics in the space ; we use the energy of the fall, the sense of the organic movement; working on the ground, through alignments, bearings, pushes; then, in composition to develop a vocabulary of gestures, movements, physical states. We will use improvisation as a tool to explore the body and its memories: the spine, arms, hips, skull, legs and all the parts of the body containing all infinite movement, stories to tell.
Body language is a dynamic dialogue with the outside space and continuously enriched with all this coming and going of information and impulses;
through precise structures of improvisation we will explore different degrees of involvement the body on a physical, emotional, perceptive level;
how to make evolve the improvisation? Continuous alternation between order and disorder, between contraction and release, emptying and filling, control and abandonment; how to tap into the unconscious to overcome habits and limits of our own experience in the interaction with the external?
The body responds and reacts at every opportunity and context, coming in harmony or in conflict by taking the risk of falling, failure, or the metamorphosis of a new revelation.