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As soon as we step into the theatre, we become a temporary collective. A theatre experience always requires all parties concerned to make it happen. Performers, audience, technical and organisational crew are all responsible for creating it.

In ‘We are all in this together’, we explore how a dance performance can evolve and develop with the help of the audience’s participation. It is an research into the effects of individual action in a group situation. What can dance reveal about how we move and collaborate as a collective group? How can performance be transformed into a social exercise, in which the performers and audience practise the sharing of power and responsibility? These are the questions that form the basis of “We are all in this together”.

In this work, we invite the audience to build up a dance performance they want to see that night. The audience become the stakeholders and collaborators who have influence on the dance and actions that happen on stage. They share the responsibility for the direction in which the dance performance evolves. Depending on the number of audience joining and on the choices and actions the audience make, the development and the outcome of the dance performance is different each time.


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