the bog forest

first italian
"The Bog Forest" is the third part of Helge Letonja’s trilogy “DisPLACING Future”, in which the choreographer deals with migration and transformation as vitally important topics for modern society. Exclusion and identity are the main themes of “The Bog Forest”. An abstract forest can offer protection and shelter to the five dancers. At the same time it represents a danger, the path of their life could perish in the bog. The oppressed take their destiny to this place which gives hospitality everyone without distinction of origins and background. And in this place they hide their secrets. Memory runs into suppression. Identities start to modify, for ever. The newcomers look for their place in the group. People free themselves in silence, the relation net looses its own balance. Christian Wolz, composer and vocal artist of Berlin, will act as a hybrid performer, representing at the same time the thoughts of dumb oppressed people and the voice of the forest.