"Waste" of Anna Bussey has been chosen by Home, choreographic residence project promoted by Scenario Pubblico and steptext dance project (Brema-Germany).
When Eve ate the apple and she and Adam were expelled from the Garden of Eden, did she set in motion the world as we know it today? Did that original temptation launch us toward our contemporary setting of over consumerism and environmental chaos? A dance solo exploring aspects of short-sighted human behavior and questioning in an ironic, humorous, sometimes tragic and always physical way whether the human race really evolved as much as we like to think…
Coreografia e interpretazione Anna Bussey
Musiche Mozart, Raum fur Notizen, Nacio H. Brown, Gene Kelly
Luce Kaj Evers
Una coproduzione Anna Bussey – compagnia zappalà danza – Scenario Pubblico – steptext dance project – uva grapes Catania contemporary dance festival