work|research_studio n°2 per il progetto Nowhereland

Nowhereland: IN_LOCO

IN_LOCO is the second part of a research for the project called ‘Nowhere Land’ started the past september in Holland with a residency work of the duet A2_ANIMALS.
The idea for In_loco (from latin which litterally means ‘on place’)
explores the aspect which I was reflecting on about our contemporary condition as human beings connected to place and space.
The aim of the research is to explore a physicality how the meaning of place is related to our daily experience.
How important is the necessity to belong to a place?
What are the consequences of a place identity?
How do we live in a space that can limit or unwind?
How much the word place is related in our consciousness to a social status?
The word place opened to my imagination a tons of images not only referred to a conceptual meaning but also to a real physical exploration of the body.
The human body itself is a place full of sensations, emotions and possibilities.
Coreografia Gaetano Badalamenti in collaboration with Marta Galvez Moncasi
Musiche: Sebastian Bach; Ryoji Ikeda.
14 Mar 2013 H 19.00