M. carnedellamiacarne

new creation
After “Il cece nel secchio” a treatise about madness and normality and “ La pelle del popolo nudo” evoking Sicily after II World War, Loris Petrillo signs the direction and choreography of “M. carne della mia carne”.Supported by Massimiliano Burini’s texts and inspired by Euripides’s tragedy and by Alda Merini and Vinicio Capossela’s poetry, this new pièce is a trip inside Jason’s mind, in his memories, as well as in Medea’s mind, in order to understand and to be ironic about it.Traditionally described as an enchantress with divine powers, Loris Petrillo’s Medea uses these powers to revenge herself against Jason. She fly away, leave him alone, with no children and no love and she condemns her insensitive husband to a tormented life in her shoes.At this point M. stops to be a gloomy tragedy and becomes a gothic and grotesque picture. In an aseptic scene Jason lives again the crucial events of the tragedy looking for a rational explanation to Medea’s madness. His memories become true and the characters too. They appear and disappear following the speed of his thought. Creon, Glauce, The sons, Medea and Jason all in a recalling flashback. In M. Medea is a man, and not a man in a woman’s shoes, but he is Jason in Medea’s place. The thread of the whole choreographic story is the dialogue-monologue between husband and wife both played by the same actor. Rich in symbology and meanings, with no psychological ambition, M. is a human tragedy, told by the voice of a man who travels across a woman’s mind.A piece inspired by Euripides’tragedy, Capossela and Alda Merini’s poetry.
coreography Loris Petrillo

dramaturgy Massimiliano Burini
musical elaboration Loris Petrillo
  lights Loris Petrillo
costumes Pappalardo
dancers Massimiliano Burini,Rosanna Cannito,Nicola Cisternino,Rosa Merlino,Giuseppe Muscarello