I wish I could believe you

Choreography for 6 dancers
Choreography Philippe Saire
Within the plot, as the numbers tick away in a persistent sequined stream, there’s another, more sombre plot. What is going on here is a
conspiracy. Let’s imagine the dancers on stage as the instruments of an outrageous and playful conspiracy, in which we have all become bogged down. Let’s say that they have been forced to distract us, just as we are obliged to be distracted. Consider that levity will always prevail over tragedy. What is dreadful isn’t that nothing will su¬ffice, but the fear that nothing will su¬ffice, that there will never be enough, that things are going to lose their lustre when we touch them, that the mirror balls will lose their dazzle, the mirror snare its allure, become opaque, cease re ecting, re ecting us.