Frammenti di un discorso amoroso

Fragments of a love speech
Choreography Salvatore Romania and Laura Odierna 
Performers Salvatore Romania, Valeria Ferrant
Musician (live) Carlo Cattano (flutes and sax)
Production Megakles Ballet
“Love speech is nowadays of extreme solitude. It is maybe spoken
by thousands of people but not supported by anybody; it is totally
deserted by the other speeches: or it is ignored, belittled, mocked,
isolated not only from the power but also from its
mechanisms…“Each passion has its own spectator… there isn’t any
love sacrifice without a performance in the end.”
The performance deals with the dialectic I/We, as when we have a relationship with somebody we also realize our desire not to vanish in the latter. We want to be with the other one, but at the same time we don’t  want to be totally there, in order to save our individuality. A love affair is made up of running after each other and being unfaithful, as love is a  relationship, not a fusion. If we didn’t exist as independent identities, not only we couldn’t meet the other one and enter into relations with each other, but we wouldn’t have anything to tell him, as he is merged with us in a symbiotic way. Love is not possession, as possession is neither aimed at “the other’s sake” nor at loyalty towards him, but only at the maintenance of the relationship which, far from assuring happiness, sacrifices it to sureness. We are together, we don’t know who we are anymore, but we can face the world together. Denied but protected lives. Love is something difficult, as we never sort out if we love the other one or the relationship itself, if we fulfil our need of sureness or our need of happiness. Maybe we want happiness but not its costs, or otherwise we want sureness but not the boredom connected to it. Love is a power game
in which we decide to which god we want to offer our life: the god of happiness always accompanying our self-fulfilment, or the god of sureness often standing next to the denial of ourselves.