cartographies n°7, n°8, n°9

  This short film unfolds in a garden which has the form of a large semi-circular tank. It is a wasteland in the centre of the city. Three dancers are going to take over this space and carry out a strange topographical survey. Starting with a formal response linked to the architectural beauty of the place, they then drift towards the organic side of nature, which has here been domesticated. This film is in many ways a rite of passage, comprising a physical test, the simulation of death and finally rebirth.
Three characters, two women and a man, turn up at an unknown destination. Their interior destiny has brought them to this terminus. They are bound to one another by their lives’ paths, their desire to depart, but also by their inability to flee. This film dances on the tightrope that separates dreams from reality. It is conceived as a poem in images where body, movement and place form the basic material of the narrative.
A quiet little island hidden away under a bridge in Lausanne: the bowling club of La Boule d’Or is home to a team of pensioners who join in a very strange game under the direction of a choreographer. In a mix of documentary and choreography, the film unfolds like a poem written by bodies dedicated to the passing time, to the team spirit, to the learning of collective movement and to the peaceful life. An ode to the game of bowls… A bittersweet waltz…