Parata danzante di vizi e virtù

Choreography and Direction: Ilenia Romano
Script and dramaturgy: Ivano La Rosa
Performers: Ilenia Romano and Ivano La Rosa
Music: Charles Camille Saint-Saëns

Ilenia Romano and Scenario Pubblico/CZD International Choreographic Dance Production

Il Carnevale degli animali arises as a project adressed to kids from 0 to 100 years old (and more) aiming to bring them close to contemporary dance, theatre and classical music. Thanks to a fairy language, vices and virtues of men are explored through morals and “anti-morals”: features and contradictions of the human nature are metaphorically connected to the animals of thesuite. With analogies concerning timbre and rythm, the body language aims to recall images and suggestions that music and tale are impregnated of. Immersed in dense and suspended moods, bouncing among different cromatic shades of human feelings, the spectator will be lead to an emotional-reflective trip in the border line between real dimension and imagination.

Intero 10 euro
Ridotto* 8 euro
Gruppi** 5 euro
*(under 23, studenti, over 65)
**( 10 bambini + accompagnatore)