We don’t give in to a whim because we consider useless its satisfaction: this is why we called our show (whims). As the audience here tonight even in what you will see there is something fortuitous. We could be 8 or 2 or even 15. We are 7 only by chance. […]
We wanted to create a dancing and danced performance about nothing. Since the beginning we have walked through a path of necessity and casualty; we did not want to link anything to anything else, neither to a logic, to a character, nor our actions to a meaning. We simply got ourselves in motion, felt the difference between off and on and then leave. In motion or still on a stage-pier, a bridge for something else[…].
"Leave us to believe that we can make you happy even just for a while, not letting you consume anything, because happy people do not need to consume at all".
coreografia Michele Abbondanza e Antonella Bertoni
musiche originali Amistadi, Bazzanella, Bungaro, La Manna
interpreti: Eleonora Chiocchini, Chiara Michelini, Tommaso Monza, Antonella Bertoni, Michele Abbondanza / live set: Elisa Amistadi, Michele Bazzanella
progetto musicale Corrado Bungaro, Carlo La Manna
disegno luci LUCIO DIANA
costumi Rizzi sartoria
direzione tecnica Andrea Gentili/Alberta Finocchiaro
organizzazione e ufficio stampa Dalia Macii, Francesca Leonelli
una coproduzione Festival Oriente Occidente Centro servizi culturali S. Chiara
Con il sostegno di Ministero per i Beni e le Attività culturali – dip. Spettacolo; Provincia autonoma di Trento – Assessorato alla cultura; Comune di Rovereto – Assessorato alla Cultura; Cassa rurale di Folgaria – Filiale di Rovereto.