Calore, the Enzo Cosimi’s first choreographic work, was presented in 1982 in Rome. Though conceived as a piece for artistic interpreters who are non-dancers, it is nevertheless marked by a vigorous energy and very compact rhythms in which a dance composition is entirely recognisable. Cosimi in 1982 wrote about the show: “Reality is devasted by frozen atmospheres, here we are trying to get the scent of a new air, a rising wind whose energy, in returning to nothing without any illusions, nevertheless has the qualities of deep serenity, of heat, of relative calm.” The show is a visionary voyage in which the interpreter is asked to embark on a sort of regression, to trace out the pattern of an endless infancy and adolescence.Giuseppe Bartolucci wrote about the show: “Here gymnastics and dance step forward and are contaminated, sweat is accepted as a passage, physicality is permeated by continuous and endless ignitions, on principle the fall-back of rest and interval is not contemplated”.