direzione artistica e coreografia: Giovanni Scarcella
creazione e interpretazione: Chiara Trimarchi, Davide Zuccaro, Francesca Caselli, Irene Occhiato, Orazio Berenato
collaborazione artistica: Raffaella Pollastrini
produzione: Centrale Mediterra
coproduzione: Scenario Pubblico Centro di Produzione della Danza e Magazzini del Sale
Giovanni Scarcella è associato a Grand Studio

On the one hand our environment has lost many of its boundaries and is exploded in all directions virtually projecting to the 4 corners of the world, on the other hand incomprehension with our neighbors is now more and more acute. On the one hand the spatial boundaries seem to vanish through powerful and new technological means, the other to safeguard our identity or to claimed security we draw new limits that allow us to separate, mark the distance with the Other.
The new walls that we raise tend to define the quality of the report and the mode of the relationship; the new frontiers are not anymore only precise lines drawn on maps to divide countries, but they are mostly areas where time and space create a particular existential condition. Constantly errancy and in spaces that become “non-places” or places of frontier (we think in extreme cases to the various fields that are defined in various ways of reception, refugees …) a new human condition seems to be defined, that of man-border. The world around us is drawn as a subjective reflection of what we are living, how we perceive it and how we understand it, with our past and present experiences with our imagination, desires, expectations, personal memories and cultures of origin. In the cities where we live and organize our lives, in the fragile relationships made by the complex tangle that characterizes our time, all of us try to draw his personal map to be able to trace its history.
In Abstinentia we worked in the city of Messina, residence of the three performers participating in the project, trying to bring back the mood, the colors, the sounds and the atmospheres; doing a mapping work and memory of places: perceiving the distances and nearby, misunderstandings and violence, looking for points of entry and of escape. Bring this accumulation of this material, bringing on the scene the bodies, that they are archives of the experience acquired, receptacle of emotions and contradictions, and than in the artistic act become medium to decrypt the portion of the submerged world that is intimate fusion between private and collective.