vestire la diplomazia

year 2022 duration 60'

an idea by Roberto Zappalà

authors and performers Filippo Domini and Erik Zarcone

There are different ways of being diplomatic. In the same way as verbal communication, non-verbal communication presupposes the presence of two or more interlocutors. Etymologically, the word diplomacy is of Greek origin, formed by the words “diplo” which means “doubled in two” and the suffix “-ma” which expresses “the result of an action”. An essential tool of diplomacy is negotiation. In the interaction between two different bodies, there is a need to find a common territory, a sort of “meeting point”. Body diplomacy is closely related to the words “tact” and “finesse”. “Dress up diplomacy” arises from the need to investigate the skill of shrewdness, caution, circumspection and finesse, in an intertwined process of discovering the other.

production Scenario Pubblico CZD /Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza

with the support of MIC Ministero della Cultura and Regione Siciliana Ass.to del Turismo, dello Sport e dello Spettacolo