The Carnival of the Animals / ILENIA ROMANO e IVANO LA ROSA

year 2019 duration 50'

Direction and choreography  Ilenia Romano | Text and dramaturgy: Ivano La Rosa |Performers: Ilenia Romano e Ivano La Rosa | Music: Charles Camille Saint-Saëns

Costumes: Ilenia Romano| Lights: Sammy Torrisi

Production Ilenia Romano e Scenario Pubblico/CZD Centro di Produzione della Danza 

with the support of MiBAC and SIAE, in the frame of the program “Per Chi Crea”



“The Carnival of the animals“, a show aimed at children and families that through the simplicity of the language of a fairy tale, explores the vices and virtues of men. The characters and contradictions of human nature will be metaphorically associated with the different types of animals that inspired the composer’s suites. The choreographic research is based on the timbre-rhythmic adherence between the movement and the characteristics of the music and the characters with their stories. Aiming not at mimesis, but at deep analogies, body language tries to evoke images and suggestions of which musical notes and the story are impregnated. Immersed in atmospheres now dense and now suspended, bouncing between the multiple chromatic nuances of human feelings, the viewer will be led to make an emotional-reflective journey in a real dimension bordering on the imaginary.



The day before the performance, a free workshop for children will be held by Ilenia Romano and Ivano La Rosa on the theme of “The Carnival of Animals” by Charles Camille Saint-Saens.

The workshop aims to educate the small participants (from 5-10 years and / or 10-14 years) to listen and understand the musical pieces of the composer Saint-Saëns, and to make them reflect on the contemporary society in the name of playing you learn. Through the game and the creative paths of theater and dance, the participants will explore the atmospheres and themes presented by the animal protagonists of the suites having the opportunity to wear their clothes.

The workshop will also be documented with the creation of video interviews for young participants entitled “What animal are you?”, The boys will be able to play with the imagination personifying the animal, and therefore the traits of their own character that they feel most close to.


The project IL CARNEVALE DEGLI ANIMALI allows young and very young people to get closer to contemporary dance and theater-dance that remain the protagonists of the piece and preserve their originality but become more accessible by virtue of the playful and fun atmosphere of the piece and of the educational activities that they accompany each other.

“Giocando si impara” is the philosophy behind the project that will be followed by the actor / director Ivano La Rosa and the dancer / choreographer Ilenia Romano


Learning by playing” is the philosophy behind the project that will be directed by the actor / director Ivano La Rosa and the dancer / choreographer Ilenia Romano.