year 2011 duration 40'

a creation by Roberto Zappalà for Goteborg Ballet and Goteborg Opera (Sweden)

based on an idea by Nello Calabrò and Roberto Zappalà
sud-virus is a choreography commissioned to Roberto Zappalà by the Goteborg Ballet (Sweden) and it has been premièred at the Goteborg Opera on the 14 October 2011. The creation has been realized by the Sicilian choreographer with 12 dancers of the swedish company, on the original music by Puccio Castrogiovanni.
To associate the word south to the word virus could be risky, as it may imply a negative connotation. The word “virus” is from the Latin v?rus referring to “poison” or “toxin”. In biology and computing, virus has totally negative connotations.
Superficially speaking, a parasitic behavior and a lack of adequate structures are also attributes often ascribed to the South.
This performance intends to turn this false and sectarian association on its head, and to propose a “south-virus” as a positive entity; as if a new scientific research had discovered a new virus – the “south-virus” – whose presence is not parasitic, deficient and unproductive, but instead rich in perspectives and ideas.
A new virus made of language. A form, an ability, a moral or aesthetic value.
Little melodies creeping into an abstract and atonal musical weave and the “south-virus” of the dance producing not venomous but health carrier toxins.
Quoting Burroughs and Laurie Anderson, “south-virus” is used in its connotation of language as a virus (“Language is a virus”). A language made of dance, music, sounds, words, and lullabies. A language made of South.
Nello Calabrò

choreography, set, lights and costumes Roberto Zappalà

musical idea by Puccio Castrogiovanni
realized with the complicity of the concert master Adriano Murania
and the technical mastery of Salvo Noto
played by:
(from afar) Adriano Murania at the violin, Tiziana Cavaleri at the cello, Claudio Nicotra at the contrabass
and (live) by Puccio Castrogiovanni or Luca Recupero at the jew’s harps
Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi and Niccolò Paganini actively contributed to the music
choreographer’s assistant Daniela Bendini
photos Mats Baecker
a production by Goteborg Opera / Goteborg Ballet
in collaboration with compagnia zappalà danza
Worldpremière Goteborg Opera (Sweden) 14 October 2011.