year 2004 duration 60'
choregraphy Roberto Zappalà
music D. Shostakovich, P. Glass, G. Sollima
light design and costumes Roberto Zappalà
dancers Daniela Bendini, Kana Ote, Wei Meng Poon, Michal Zahora, Roberto Zappalà
photos Gianmaria Musarra
a coproduction by compagnia zappalà danza – Scenario Pubblico
Soliloquylit is a series of ‘solos’ having light and movement as the only compositional tools. Used in a non-narrative way, these elements translate their dramaturgical power through the use of ‘masks’ that each soloist wears as a means to challenge one’s identity, trying to find a space for one’s body in light and darkness.
‘…in the first section, a body hits and fights the ground, moving as a Kafkian insect before ‘metamorphosing’ into a pithecanthropus erectus. First the "soliloquylit" of a cyclothymiac, bat-woman that uses her hands as claws; followed by a peaceful tai-chi warrior exposed to an electric blue light and the double-bass of Toscano. However, it’s in the subtle "soliloquylit" of a female dancer’s naked torso that the performance reaches its climax. Enthusiastic feedback from the audience." Carmelita Celi, (LA SICILIA)