Romeo e Giulietta – la Sfocatura dei Corpi

year 2006 duration 70'
Choreography and direction   Roberto Zappalà
Music  John Cage, Sergei Prokofiev, Pink Floyd
Performers: Daniela Bendini, Wei Meng Poon
Text by:Nello Calabrò
Set design Roberto Zappalà
Light design  Marco Policastro
Photos Gianmaria Musarra

Una coproduzione compagnia zappalà danza – Scenario Pubblico
In collaborazione con “Le Mouvement Mons” Festival (Belgio) e steptext dance project (ger)
Worldpremière 18 November 2006 Scenario Pubblico, Catania
On the music of Prokofieff , Cage and Pink Floyd, the sicilian choreographer explores the concept of “out of focus” through an emotional interpretation of the tragic story of love and death of Romeo and Juliet .
When do we feel out of focus? Technically in cinema, photography and optics, the effect “out of focus” is a question of distance. The distance between the focal centre of the objective or lens and the framed “object” ; if this distance is lower or in excess from a certain measure, the object results out of focus.
Taking it back to the man and to the first question, the answer could be the same.
We feel out of focus when we “perceive” that the distance between us and the world is not right; when the measure which separates us from the world, from the others, is not correct, when we are, when we feel, too close, or too distant. Therefore the reference to Romeo and Juliet as recognized emblem of social discomfort.
“….Amazing poetry and cruelty. Wei Mei Poon and Daniela Bendini get to be Romeo and Juliet but in a symbiosis never foreseeable, despite the notes of the mythic ballet of Prokofieff , which, it as well, arrives unexpected, like a shot. And unexpected appears the “indulgence” to a modern without time and unforbearing to categories and journeys already marked. The “danceactors” deal with violent and pure embraces and they close as they started, on bodies wounded by the warmth of love and recomposed on the freeze of life – death…”Carmelita Celi, la Sicilia
“. The intuition is powerful, and powerful is the dance and the rhythm of the pièce, constructed as a continuous flowing of movement, which finds original solutions always different in grips, suspensions, in spurts and stretching of the limbs… but the strength of the performance lies in the emotion that the two ‘lovers’ transmit in their struggle to resist the world , deeply visible in the pas de deux which leads to the end where the two bodies, firmly kinked, never loose the contact even in the tangled rollings. But despite their strength as a couple, the world will overwhelm them. They will perish, finally freed from that ‘external’ which didn’t perceive them in their authenticity.” Maria Luisa Buzzi, Danza&Danza
Coproduction by compagnia zappalà danza – Scenario Pubblico
In collaboration with “Le Mouvement Mons” Festival (Belgium)