year 2019 duration 60'

CZD2 giovane compagnia zappalà danza


choreography and direction: Manfredi Perego | choreographer’s assistantSilvia Oteri | dramaturgy consultantChiara Montalbani | dancers: Amandine Lamouroux, Carmine Caruso, Francesca Santamaria, Gaia Occhipinti, Madison Pomarico | a production: Scenario Pubblico Compagnia Zappalà Danza – Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza

From the stage to urban spaces, the Primitiva project | Urban Woods explores the relationships between nature and the human being, urban architecture and female archetypes, to rediscover the ancestral impulses that animate contemporary society. Perego will work with the dancers of the CZD2 giovane compagnia zappalà danza in residence at Scenario Pubblico to investigate new and unexpected dynamics of movement to reveal the spontaneity and primordiality of the body. Open trials, meetings and urban returns are organized both to search for inspirations, comparisons and suggestions from the Catania area, and to obtain benefits for the local community that has the possibility to follow the creative process in person. The course aims to make exchanges (between dancers, with different audiences and with the urban fabric) a fundamental point for the creation of the artistic practice of the work. Primitive | Urban Woods is the last step of the choreographic research project undertaken by the choreographer Manfredi Perego on the primary elements that inhabit corporeity, a journey into the most ancient perception of himself, the animalistic and at the same time impulsive and fragile. The path, realized also thanks to training sessions and practice sessions in unusual environments, such as woods and forests, has already given birth to several choreographic works related to the “Primitiva” project which constitutes for the Parma choreographer an incessant tension of investigation. Furthermore, the female cast will make it possible to explore the concept of genesis and fruitful and generative strength, approaching and relating the instinct with femininity. The ancestral impulses that inhabit humanity and its relationship with the surrounding environment will also be explored through different moments of confrontation with the territory, in order to find further useful elements for the dramaturgical and choreographic construction of the work.