year 2000 duration 75'
“Patchwork” is a perfomance which Roberto Zappalà produced on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the company in an attempt to make his research in choreography directly legible, since, having covered a period of ten years, it now tells a story.
The absence of the dramatic literature context in fact liberates the sense, revealing the autonomous communicative strenght of its choreographic style, which sets itself on a rigid and complex synthesis of movements, and drawing from the most dissimilar creations associated with the body (from the elegance of classical tradition to the most fluid modern, to the equalizing athleticism), has become extremely versatile, dynamic and powerful language, by means of which Roberto Zappalà has managed to build an infinity of original and equally suggestive scenes.
Such is now indelibly inscribed into the muscular fibres of the dancers who, being gifted with an extraordinary technique and after many years of research on movement, together with the choreographer, have managed to carry out the incredibly articulated geometrics and gradations, free to adapt it with their involving interpretations which transpire the individual personalities without dramatic literature ties.